How to create Win95 Fat32 LBA partition


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Jan 14, 2015
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Try these steps:
  1. Open a terminal and run this command to locate the right device:

  2. Use fdisk command accordingly:

    1. sudo fdisk /dev/sdX; X stands for the right disk letter something in the region of b, c or d
    2. Type o to change the partition table type to dos
    3. When the command runs type d and enter to delete the existing partition, then
    4. Type n to create new partition
    5. Accept the defaults when ask for the partition type and size (assuming that is desirable),
    6. Type p to see what you have done,
    7. Type t to change the file system type,
    8. Type c to create a W95 FAT32 (LBA) partition,
    9. Repeat step 2.5, i.e. 5 above to see the created partition,
    10. Type a to activate that partition so it automounts,
    11. Type w to write the changes to disk
  3. Format the again from the terminal:

    sudo mkfs.vfat /dev/sdXi
    • Note: i represents the partition number in this case it should be 1
  4. Eject and replug the device
NOTE: This will destroy any data on the said device e please back up anything you wish to keep before following theses steps.


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