Compaq dc7800p Small Form Factor Desktop - Installing Windows Issue


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Jan 14, 2015
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I am going to be installing and testing windows server 2008 on an old computer that i bought off amazon.

I was having a small issue installing windows.

After entering the windows installation screen. I deleted the two partitions and merged into 1. But i was unable to install windows. I got this message when i tried to install windows on the hard drive.

"Windows Cannot be Installed to Disk 0 Partition 1"

It was telling me to disable the disk controller in the bios. I searched the bios but didn't see anything related to disk controller.

I did see something called diskette controller. I disabled that but no success.

It also told me i something about my drive needed to be nfts, because my hard drive was gps?

Unfortunately, i didn't save the message. So i can't show anyone.

But anyways i searched online and thankfully i was able to find a solution as something had the same problem as me.

The solution is in the bios:

Go under the
"security" tab
then "System Security"
then "disable" the "Data Execution Prevention"

After that you will be able to normally install windows.

Here are the sources that helped me:

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